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Hello and welcome to velvet_ichigo, a graphics community brought to you by carouselcues~ I know I'm not the greatest graphics artist out there, but I was just inspired by several other people who have communities. I've always wanted a place where I can post/make batches of icons for people along with any other things.

The comm is currently opened for all to see. I love jrock so basically everything and anything in this comm is most likely to be jrock related. You can also find my various make-up tutorials and other resources.

☆ please credit either carouselcues or velvet_ichigo when using my graphics. I don't really chase people down, but it does make me sad when I see that no one does :c
☆ About that whole textless icons thing: I really don't care if you choose to use it as a base, as long as you tell me you will be using it.
☆ I like comments, so they're very much appreciated.
☆ The comm is open membership, but selective posting, meaning I'm the only one who can post at the time being. I think, depending on how popular this comm may get, will open some sort of application where you can apply to post your work as well.
☆ I host all of my icons on photobucket and I wont be deleting them, so hotlink to your heart's desire, as long as it doesnt waste any bandwith @_@
☆ enjoy, be patient and...have fun..?

brokendogma, candy_horror, chiizuru, cup0fnoodles, epiclyintense, glass_x_wings, graphism, happyhime, hikkie_heaven, hillsoffire, jankuaato, loveanarchy, nameless_art, night_filth, nyappy_graphics, pankkuduty, raburicons, rakkieki, stacked_rubbish, starfruit_icons, teacuppy, velvet_graphics, visual_drug, wasurenaideyo, wonderplanet, xtripxblog

want to become one? email me:
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